Message From Our Priest

Saint Elizabeth LOVES kids!

Pastor Jennifer helps with Buda PD's Blue Santa eventAs followers of Jesus, we try to do what he did – and Jesus loved kids.  The word “indignant” is only used to describe Jesus twice in the Bible, and one of those times it was because his disciples thought the children would bother him.  
Our approach is different from some other churches.  We don’t try to entertain children very much.  We don’t mount big “programs”.  Instead we have implemented an innovative program that rotates between an interactive message time that includes children and families, and a separate Children’s Chapel three Sundays a month with specific age-appropriate activities.  Each week is fun and different!  We provide worship bags with drawing materials, books, and etch-a-sketches.  Kids sometimes sing the song during our offering time (and no, it is not professional or polished, and we are proud of that!).  We offer lots of camp scholarships to Family Camp and to Camp Capers.  We have a thriving acolyte (youth altar servers – boys and girls) team. 

You see, we believe that children generally already have some pretty good ideas about God, and our goal is to teach them the language of the Christian people so that we can all follow Jesus together.  They teach us as much as we teach them.  We all work on “improving our behavior” together – in worship and in life.  We give our gifts and share our talents based on what God has given us rather than on preconceived ideas about age brackets.  

And we are always open to more.  I have long experience working with Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, two Montessori-based Christian Education programs that honor the child and the “inner teacher”.   In fact, I use those approaches in education with adults and with children. Lots of our adults are engaged with forming our kids as followers of Jesus, both in Children's Chapel and in other fun activities throughout the year.   

Jesus loves kids, and so do we. We can't wait to meet yours!
I hope we’ll see you and yours at Saint Elizabeth this Sunday!