• Every Monday at 7pm, starting January 22nd at the home of Dave and Ina Jensen.  Contact Ina or Dave for details: Ina is (361) 728-0320, and Dave is (361) 658-7852.  Dave and Ina live in Buda.
  • Every Wednesday at 7pm, starting January 24th at Creekside Villas.  Contact Lisa Beach for details: (512) 590-3883.  Creekside Villas is just down FM 967 towards Main St from the church.
  • Every Thursday at 7pm, starting January 25th at the home of Steve and Paula Goodson.  Contact Paula for details: (512) 239-8643.  Kids welcome.  Steve and Paula live in Buda.
Some groups will break during the summer so please check our webcalendar and the event host June through August.