Intergenerational Messages & Children's Chapel

At Saint Elizabeth, we alternate between Children’s Chapel  and Intergenerational Messages.  Intergenerational Messages tend to be more interactive and operate on multiple levels, engaging the children while at the same time providing "spiritual meat" for the adults.  Other weeks, the message is more specifically geared to adult learning styles, and Children's Chapel provides age-appropriate learning and activity for children ages 3-10 during the Scripture Readings and Sermon.  Children’s Chapel is held in the building immediately adjacent to the worship space. 

Learning themes are generally tied to the same learning  themes the adults are addressing in the sermon.  However, instead of just talking about God and the Good News of Jesus, kids sing, dance, engage in dramas, science experiments, games, art, and other interactive encounters with God’s Word.

Our goal is to send kids home each week with conversation starters and props that will help the whole family learn to share together in faith-related activities. Often,  the creativity of Children’s Chapel spills over into the multiage worship service.  Here the kids are crowned with tongues of fire for a Pentecost Sunday baptism! 

Our Children’s Chaplain is Erin Kowalik (a certified high school science teacher and mom of two young children), assisted by parents.  The Children’s Chaplains are supported by Susan Ferguson, Children’s Ministry Coordinator.  The Chapel Crucifer (a fourth or fifth grader who leads the children to Chapel) also assists.