St Liz Worship Update

by The Rev. Daniel P. Strandlund on January 21, 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,

At our meeting this month, your Bishop’s Committee and I made the decision that St. Liz will continue holding Sunday morning worship services outdoors and in-person every week, resorting to an ‘online only’ format only if weather is prohibitive.  We will continue to live stream these services and to broadcast into car radios.  We’ve been in this format for a few weeks now, and while it’s far from what any of us would like, it does check the most important boxes in regards to safety and providing a weekly chance to gather, particularly as we weather our current spike in coronavirus spread.  We will continue in this format on Sunday mornings until such a time as vaccines are more widely available to the general population.  We will continue to make consecrated communion bread available for pick-up each Saturday from 9am-noon, as well, for those worshipping from home. This decision is for Sunday mornings only. If, in weeks to come, it seems wise to add worship opportunities formatted differently at other times of the week, we remain open to doing so.
We are also making two changes which will hopefully make our outdoor format more reliable.  One is that, for these colder months, beginning this Sunday, January 24th, we’re moving our worship start time to 11am.  Hopefully, this will increase our chance of its being warm enough outside to gather comfortably.  (This past Sunday, for example, we cancelled outdoor worship because it was in the low 50s at 10am…but at 11am it was a beautiful 61 degrees out.) 
A second change is that we’re going to make a call in regards to weather on Saturday morning rather than last-second on Sunday.  55 degrees seems to be a temperature cut-off for folks; anything below that tends to result in very few gathered in-person.  We’ll use that as a baseline for temperature when checking the forecast.  Unfortunately, rain is much harder to predict, so we’ll likely still make rain decisions the day of.  This includes checking the yard to make sure it isn’t too swampy for folks to sit on.  For the most current info, be sure you get our text blasts: text STLIZ to 71441 to subscribe.  As always, thank you for your continued faithfulness and flexibility during Coronatide.

God's Peace,

Fr. Daniel+