Greetings from Rev. Mike Woods

Greetings St. Liz,

The Woods family is very excited to begin our time with you this coming week. It has been a long hot summer for us as I am sure it has been the same for you.

I am writing this after standing outside with our oldest daughter, Harper, as we watched a nice little summer rainstorm pour down upon us. It was just long enough that it knocked the heat out of the air and left a cool breeze in its wake. It was cool enough that we actually felt like spending more than ten minutes outside after the storm passed. ...Read More

Our Next Adult Formation Class

by The Rev. Daniel P Strandlund on October 8, 2020
Our next midweek adult formation class will begin this Tuesday at 7pm via Zoom.  We’ll gather every Tuesday evening through November (with the exception of Oct 20). 
Like the Romans study we just completed, this class will focus on scripture.  However, unlike the Romans class, this one will be reflective rather than academic, and our primary concern won’t be questions like, “What did Paul mean in his historical context?”  Instead, our primary concern will be, “How is my life like this?  What might God be saying to me?” 
In other words, if our Romans study was a bit like learning the recipe for how a particular kind of bread gets made, this class will just be about eating the bread.
Each class will begin with prayer and a story from the bible.  We’ll read it slowly, multiple times.  I’ll guide us through some reflection questions on the story, and then there will be an opportunity for everyone to share briefly from their own life experience.   Sharing is not required: all may, some should, but none must.
Each week will focus on a different passage, so each class will be able to stand on its own.  If you miss one week, you can come next week and will not have missed any content that you need to know.  This is all about bread for the journey.
I recommend having an NRSV bible handy, but any translation you like will be fine.  If you journal, having that handy might be helpful, too.  Because this class is reflective in nature, being on time will be important.  Our end time will likely vary a bit depending on the number of participants and who decides to share, but I think an hour or so should do it.
I look forward to our time together.  Find the Zoom link in the weekly e-mail.
God’s Peace,