Sunshine Mail: a New Outreach Opportunity, from Paula Goodson and Tina Otto

by Paula Goodson and Tina Otto on August 13, 2020
St Liz is beginning a special outreach to the residents of Buda’s two Assisted Living facilities, Sodalis and Buda Oaks. We hope to gift them a break from isolation and loneliness with Sunshine Mail. Making a true difference can be simple, yet so impactful.  At this time there are 65 residents, so we need lots and lots of letters!  There will be a mailbox on the porch at church where it will be easy for you to drop them off. New Deadline: June 27, 2021

How it works:
  • Handwrite a letter. No typing. Make it legible with large writing.
  • Introduce yourself. Maybe tell a story about yourself.  Tell what you are doing now.  Maybe tell a riddle or a joke.
  • Express that they are loved. That they are important. Give them a unique message that comes from your heart.  Make them feel special. Tell them something that will make them happy.
  • Avoid writing dates in case there is a delay in getting the mail there. 
  • Avoid religious comments so it will be appropriate for all recipients.
  • Sign your first name only with no address. This is a one-way conversation. 
  • Put it in an envelope addressed to “Dear Friend”, “For a special person”, “A happy day to you”, “Sunshine Mail”, or the like.
  • Be creative!
  • Use bright colors
  • Draw a picture or use stickers
  • Use your own personal touches
  • Let your inner child or preteen out to decorate the letter and envelope 
  • Make it personal, detailed, thoughtful, and heartfelt
  • Get the whole family involved!
For questions, contact Paula Goodson at
1, 2, 3, Church!